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Water cooled elements
Water cooled elements with protective cover are elaborated. Cover promotes decrease of panel oxidation, crack formation and heat loss.

EAF charge
A new technology base and approptiate equipment for carbon-thermal reduction of iron containing technogeny wastes is elaborated in order to utilize these wastes in capacity of part of the EAF charge.

EAF off gas suction elbow
EAF off gas suction elbow with a system of primary dust removal is elaborated. It provides a possibility of metal charge burning decrease due to partial return of heavy particles into the EAF.
Technological line of manufacture of a powder wire

The technological line of manufacture of a powder wire is intended for production of a wire in diameter 10-16мм filled from one - to a five-componental mix of powders with the size of fractions to 3mm. The wire is used in metallurgical and foundry manufacture for deoxidation, refinement, high-precision alloying of steels andintroduced intoliquid bath by using of special drive. Wire delivered to the consumer in revolts with high-precision packing. Sizes of the revolts: outer diameter 1300 (1500) mm inner diameter 600 mm, width 600 (800) mm; mass up to 3500 kg.

The wire technology includes following basic operations.
• Unwinding of a steel tape from rolls and formation of an u-shaped profile.
• Filling of a profile with a powder mix.
• A profile tightening, formation and lock closing, sizing reduction of a wire in system of stands.
• Measurement of length, calibration and wire winding on the coil.

Scheme of the line is given in figure.

Figure – Scheme of the powder wire production line.
1- decoiler, 2- workbench, 3- compensator, 4- welding unit, 5- vertical-horizontal stand, 6- pinion stand, 7- non-drive stand, 8, 13 – measuring stand, 9- batch bin, 10 – feeder-bin, 11- mixer, 12 – service bunker, 14 – packer, 15 – coil winder, 16 – coil, 17 – tape width sensor, 18 – tape thickness sensor, 19 – tape filling sensor.
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