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Water cooled elements
Water cooled elements with protective cover are elaborated. Cover promotes decrease of panel oxidation, crack formation and heat loss.

EAF charge
A new technology base and approptiate equipment for carbon-thermal reduction of iron containing technogeny wastes is elaborated in order to utilize these wastes in capacity of part of the EAF charge.

EAF off gas suction elbow
EAF off gas suction elbow with a system of primary dust removal is elaborated. It provides a possibility of metal charge burning decrease due to partial return of heavy particles into the EAF.
Off gas suction system
Primary off gas suction system of the EAF (Design)

Primary off gas suction system of the EAF (Simulation)

Primary off gas suction system of the EAF (Operation)

Off gas suction system is necessary part of each metallurgical device. In electrical arc furnace (EAF) of high and ultra high power with capacity 50 ton and more it comprises two circuits: high temperature and low temperature. In a low capacity EAF and in EAF, operating in “small” metallurgy, is one common off gas suction circuit.

High temperature circuit provides dusty off gas removal from EAF working space through hole in periphery part of the roof and includes: suction elbow, post combustion chamber, and special ducts. Off gas flow rate from the EAF (in the suction elbow), operating with intensive technology constitutes 200-300 Nm3/тon of steel at maximal temperature in heat cycle 1600-17000С and average level 1200-12500С. Dust content in off gas in period of oxygen blowing of liquid bath rich value 35 g/m3. Between suction elbow and post combustion chamber arranged moving muff, which provides regulation of atmosphere air inflows into gap in order to combustion of carbon monoxide and off gas flow temperature lowering. Some designs provide motion of post combustion chamber for mentioned purpose. In order to provide reliable operation of fabric filters system, is necessary to cool off gas flow up to 100-120 C (before filters system). For this purpose high temperature circuit provides additional valve for air inflow after dust removal chamber and special convective cooler.

Low temperature circuit provides removal of unorganized emissions, mainly in charging periods of the EAF operation, and in whole melting process through electrode gaps. It comprises canopy over EAF and system of ducts. A flow rate of gases through canopy is essentially more, than through suction elbow due to high degree of air inflows, but temperature of this flow usually less than 70 C. Main ecological load high temperature circuit is exposed.

Both circuit flows (high and low temperature) mixed after convective cooler and passing through fabric fitters system. Standard dust concentration in off gas after fume plant is 15-20 mg/m3.

All elements of high temperature circuit are made water cooled, in form of tubular ducts and chambers. Character features of its operation is significant part of convection in total heat exchange, which add to irradiative component, and abrasive wear of pipes under action of high speed dusty gas flow.

Our Company pays attention to ecology component of elaborating design solutions of water cooled elements operating in off gas suction system, especially roof and suction elbow. Peculiarity of solutions is a possibility of more effective off gas suction especially from the central electrodes zone and primary off gas dedusting due to increasing of suction area. It provides 50-70% decrease of unorganized emissions from the EAF and lowering of dust content in the off gas in the suction elbow 1,5-2 times. Thus, our solutions not only improve ecology, but promote decreasing of materials loss from the EAF with off gas flow.
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