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Water cooled elements
Water cooled elements with protective cover are elaborated. Cover promotes decrease of panel oxidation, crack formation and heat loss.

EAF charge
A new technology base and approptiate equipment for carbon-thermal reduction of iron containing technogeny wastes is elaborated in order to utilize these wastes in capacity of part of the EAF charge.

EAF off gas suction elbow
EAF off gas suction elbow with a system of primary dust removal is elaborated. It provides a possibility of metal charge burning decrease due to partial return of heavy particles into the EAF.
WCE for out furnace treatment devices. Ladle furnace. Roof

Design (load Е-dwg №5)


The water-cooled cover (roof) is one of the basic units of ladle - furnace (LF). It serves for a protection of a bath of a melt from above and formations of LF working space. Through a cover input of materials and energy carriers is made for operational development of the heats in a ladle. The design of a roof appreciably defines thermal work and energy characteristics of the LF.

The design of LF roof includes the basic chamber and the top chamber. The basic chamber covers perimeter of a ladle and forms working space above a bath of a melt. The chamber in section is round and has the cylindrical or conic form with more or less expressed horizontal or with a small inclination a site in a place of joining with the top chamber. The sizes of the chamber are defined by diameter of a ladle and height of LF working window. In the basic chamber there is a number of apertures (windows), including a working window for supervision of the melt and works with it by technological personnel, and also apertures for submission of auxiliary materials, a powder and aluminum wires, input emergency stirring lance and the manipulator of sampling. In the majority of designs of the LF roof the basic chamber has in the bottom part a skirt which provides scope by LF roof of the top part of a ladle in working position. It reduces probability of sticking between LF roof and a board of a ladle at presence of metal crust and reduces inflows of atmospheric air in working space that promotes reduction of oxidation of electrodes and slag. The top chamber is located above the basic chamber, has apertures for pass of electrodes and serves for gathering and evacuation of dusty off gas from LF working space in system of aspiration through special duct, which is a part of the chamber.

Our Company has experience of improvement gas-dynamics and energy saving characteristics of the LF roof, and also manufactures LF roofs according to orders of consumers. Performance and creation of working drawings of used analogues or own LF roof design elaboration is possible. We carry out delivery of the equipment with author's support of its installation and commissioning.
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