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Water cooled elements
Water cooled elements with protective cover are elaborated. Cover promotes decrease of panel oxidation, crack formation and heat loss.

EAF charge
A new technology base and approptiate equipment for carbon-thermal reduction of iron containing technogeny wastes is elaborated in order to utilize these wastes in capacity of part of the EAF charge.

EAF off gas suction elbow
EAF off gas suction elbow with a system of primary dust removal is elaborated. It provides a possibility of metal charge burning decrease due to partial return of heavy particles into the EAF.
EAF WCE. Big metallurgy(intensive technology). EAF Frame

Design (load Е-dwg №3)

Assembling EAF casing: frame with wall panels and hearth.

Design (load Е-dwg №4)

Analysis of mechanical loads in the roof frame

Manufactured roof frame with installed panels

High capacity electrical arc furnace (EAF), as the melting unit, consists of the casing (includes a frame with wall panels and hearth in a steel screen) and the roof.

Frames of the furnace and the roof serve as basic constructions for accommodation of water-cooled panels, suction elbow and the organization of cooling water motion according to the optimized hydraulic scheme.

The frame of the furnace and especially the roof should provide steady work of the EAF in conditions of operating static and dynamic loadings. Therefore the due attention should be given to calculation of mechanical stress and optimization on this basis of a design of a frame. The frame of the roof can be designed for variants of a suspension of mentioned roof on a furnace cantilevered gantry (the traditional scheme) or as a self-bearing construction with fork-type landing on a hydraulic ram of rise of the roof.

The important condition of steady thermal work of the frames is their shielding by panels from direct radiation from working space of the EAF.

Our Company has a design procedure of geometrical and power parameters of modern EAF, allowing on the basis of the set weight of the heat and productivity of the furnace to calculate the basic sizes of frames of the furnace and the roof that can be useful at designing new and modernizations of operating units. The complex of works on development and delivery of the equipment with supervision at its mounting and commissioning can be executed.
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