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Water cooled elements
Water cooled elements with protective cover are elaborated. Cover promotes decrease of panel oxidation, crack formation and heat loss.

EAF charge
A new technology base and approptiate equipment for carbon-thermal reduction of iron containing technogeny wastes is elaborated in order to utilize these wastes in capacity of part of the EAF charge.

EAF off gas suction elbow
EAF off gas suction elbow with a system of primary dust removal is elaborated. It provides a possibility of metal charge burning decrease due to partial return of heavy particles into the EAF.
Water-cooled Elements of metallurgical devices

Water- cooled elements (WCE) are widely use in electrical arc furnaces (EAF), ladle-furnaces (LF), vacuum treatment units (VTU) and in different general purpose devices (ducts, post combustion chamber, dust removal chamber). In a high and ultra high powered EAF (specific power more than 0,8-1 MW/ton) WCE are installed instead of refractory walls (above sill level ) and roof (excepting central part in electrodes area) including suction elbow. Using of WCE in a “big” metallurgy deals with absence of perspectives of the EAF productivity growth owing to low refractory life time. Notwithstanding of higher heat loss with cooling water (up to 12-15% of input energy), WCE efficiency, in conditions of intensive melting with low liquid period in the EAF and production of ultimate steel grade in the LF, seems doubtless.

But, in a “small” metallurgy EAF’s, attended to serve a machine-building complex, where classical technology of ultimate steel grades production with a prolonged liquid period of the heat is used, conventional WCE are not effective, especially in small- scale EAF. This factor must be taken into account in process of such EAF’s modernization.
In the LF and VTU water- cooled elements are used in capacity of covers and screens, providing protection of melts from above and supply of energy and additive materials into liquid bath.
Ducts, post combustion chamber, dust removal chamber are necessary parts of modern steelmaking technology. Mentioned equipment is manufactured in form of water-cooled pipe constructions.

DC EAF is intensively developing sector of electrical steelmaking, which needs in specially designed WCE, in particular, water-cooled bottom electrodes of billet type.

Our Company originated native EAF WCE elaborations and continue it.

In the area of energy saving we for the first time realized a conception of two-rows water-cooled panel, basing of thermo accumulative and heat-insulating properties of slag, forming on the panel in EAF operation process. This concept provides 20-25% decreasing of heat loss with cooling water in comparison with traditional one-row panel design. Now our investigations are admitted and using by world wide known EAF producers: SMS-Demag and Danieli.

In the area of EAF water-cooled roof we pursue an object to improve ecological features of the roof by decreasing of non-organized outbursts from the furnace.

Our Company have a mathematical model and computer program of WCE calculations (heat, hydraulic, strength, gas dynamic) for given Customer conditions and take an active part in modernization of water-cooled equipment and elaboration of new progressive technical solutions (load Reference list).
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